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One group, one power

2 April 2020

The flourishing history of Florian dates to 1950.  Born as a family-run sawmill, it has transformed the passion for wood from craftsmanship to innovation, without ever forgetting its roots.

Florian is currently one of the leading groups in Europe in the wood sector, with 15 companies operating throughout Europe and beyond. Over the years we have dedicated ourselves to the search for the most ecological and efficient methods to exploit the trunk in all its parts, always enhancing the characteristics and expressiveness of the wood.

The key to our success is the large amount of raw material that we have available and our well-appreciated ZERO WASTE supply chain. 

Promoting environmental sustainability is our MISSION that guides all commercial strategies of the Group.

Thanks to this PHILOSOPHY we consolidated 8 production segments, from the trunk to the finished product. Our integrated supply chain is represented by the product line of natural fuels “WOODY FIRE”.

We are proud of the great result connected to the integrated zero waste supply chain that allows us to be leaders in the market. With WOODY FIRE we beat the record on the entire reuse of our waste material, giving it a new life. Pellets, Briquettes for Pizzerias and Firewood make our production waste a real natural fuel that heats our customers’ houses, respecting the environment and the ecology.

Choosing a Florian product not only means high quality of finished products and production processes, but also respect for the environment and sustainability in waste management.

Welcome to our world!

One group, 15 companies, one power!

The pellet and the ENPLUS certification
Progetto Fuoco 2020